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My thrifting journey began in my college days. Art school projects required inspiration and I found it sifting through old junk on the shelves of the local thrift warehouse. Every Saturday I'd slowly saunter the over the concrete floors worn from people shuffling the aisles. It was quiet, no music - only the sounds of items being sorted, picked up and put back down on the shelves.

I looked for inspiration through color, texture, subject matter, fonts, images and sculptural form. I would typically find something that sparked my mind and often times quickly sketched it out with bullet points and side notes on the paper page of my artists notebook. The luxury of snapping a photo to save for future reference was not yet in the palm of our hands - so pencil and paper served as the "snapshot."

Sometimes I would purchase items to photograph or disassemble for use in a new sculpture. Of course, I also scoured the vintage clothing to find funky belts, hats and ties to complete my artsy look. I loved rescuing anything that looked like it was great-grandma's. My curiosity was sparked to begin researching details about these items.

Why was this made?
Where did this come from?
Why is it this color?



I graduated with a bachelor's degree from Indiana University, John Herron School of Art BFA with a major in Visual Communications/Art & Design. After getting a job, renting a swanky cool loft apartment in the "Harness Factory" I started furnishing my apartment with modern / vintage thrifted furniture finds. the "Harness Factory" was literally an old horse harness factory that was renovated into apartments. So cool, so cool.



Researching vintage, antique history & design is truly what gripped me. (I'm sure every vintage lover knows that feeling.) Throughout the years, I continued rescuing many heirlooms and started a few collections. I love to hoard old buttons & books, mid-century / MCM wire bowls, and anything from Dorthy Thorpe. Other items of interest include vintage silver, sterling, plated, pewter... I love it all! I also have a major weakness for china and dinner entertaining centerpieces. My table at Thanksgiving is always an experience to never forget!


Pandemic 2020 | THRIFTYGLITZ Resale •

THRIFTYGlitz Collections of curated, salvaged items showcased here, are hand-picked by me for beauty, form and function. (Sometimes a little weird and often times rare!)

They are sourced from flea markets, thrift stores, personal collections, gifted treasures & heirlooms that need a new home, antique malls, auctions, and garage and estate sales. I am honored to safe-guard these items until I find just the right person who feels the urge to preserve, love and cherish them for years and decades to come. 

It's a weekend hobby for me to source and pick (unless I happen to pass by a random garage sale sign, then I might take a detour LOL). During the week, I'm designing communication graphics. Sometimes I'll take a day off work to go to a juicy estate sale. I savor squeezing in time for the vintage adventures.

Knowing someone's special keepsake and pride of possession is in the palm of my hand gives me an overwhelming urge to showcase these relics.  I suppose this is the essence of my "picking passion." I am thrilled to share these one-of-a-kind finds with YOU!!!


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